Almost three years ago, around June 2011, I wanted to get something off my bucket list. I wanted to skydive. I kept postponing it for another month and year over and over, and eventually decided that it was unacceptable. If I really wanted to do it, I should make the plan to do it. So I set a date (July 7th 2011), sent out a note to all my friends and asked if anyone wanted to join me. Steve and Barbara jumped at the opportunity. It was our first jump ever, and we headed off to No Limits Skydiving in Victoria, Virginia – in the middle of nowhere.

Steve and Barbara went first on the tiny Cessna airplane. They were testing out the equipment prior to my jump.

And then I jumped out tandem with Kris. It was an amazing experience. One I will never forget.

I enjoyed it sooo much I went again and again and again. But the next 11 were all non-tandem jumps with instructor supervision and mostly at Skydive Orange in Orange, Virginia.

Over the next three years Steve, Barbara and I would occasionally run into each other at the local summer music festival, restaurants and bars, and sometimes in the streets of good ol’ Lexington. So to catch up and say goodbye they took me out for a last Lexington lunch on an almost perfect Spring temperature in early March. Can’t beat those Macados boneless wings on Sunday!!

In discussing about my upcoming adventure to Spain and US, I learned Steve has traveled to all 50 states. Wow, he is an amazing travel resource. One day Steve, I will catch up with you on the 50 count – and if I’m fortunate maybe by September 2014.

I also learned that if you want to find a significant other, get a puppy, go to the nearest Veterinarian Clinic and ask for assistance. Play the ‘I don’t know anything about taking care of dogs’ card. Good one Steve. πŸ˜›

I will miss you both.