Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler – Let The Good Times Roll! 

Living in Virginia on Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) makes me homesick (relatively). I miss The Big Easy – New Orleans, Louisiana. So when the New Orleans themed restaurant The Quarter opened in Roanoke, Virginia and started having a Fat Tuesday event, I routinely organized a get together with my local Saints fan club and celebrated the occasion.

This year I didn’t plan on going down to The Quarter; primarily being stingy by saving money to fund my travels to Spain and across the US. But sometimes the universe knows better. I had to drive down to meet up with my friend Hetal to review and discuss health care options post employment. As a side comment: She is truly a genius at what she does (Healthcare Broker with Benefits Group, Inc.) and was able to assist me quickly. I highly recommend her if you need assistance with the Affordable Care Act and website. In the meantime, my friend Samantha, Robyn and Dave found out I was coming into town and asked me to join them for the Mardi Gras celebration at the Quarter. Wow, I cannot believe that just happened – so I agreed to celebrate after my meeting with Hetal.

After enjoying a short meet up with the gang, I said ‘probably’ my final goodbye to friend and fellow Saints fan Robyn. I will miss you and the times we shared together.  

Dave has never been to Jack Brown’s, and I found out that my 100 notch shirt FINALLY came in. So I coaxed Dave and Sam to walk down check out JBs and celebrate getting my shirt.

What is JBs and the big deal about a 100 notch shirt? Let me tell you … When I used to visit Harrisonburg there was this restaurant that specialized in beers and burgers. They had 100+ beers available and a simple but delicious burger menu. If you drank 100 different beers you would get a free 100 Notch shirt. I’m mean seriously after donating all that money & tips for a 100 different beers ‘the damn shirt better be free!’ 😀 The shirt is personalized and there are discounts and special privileges that are tied to being 100 notch club, 200 notch club … A couple of small but important rules, you must drink all the beers yourself* and you must drink at least a beer once every two months, otherwise your log is discarded.

I started my first sheet in Harrisonburg, but found it difficult to travel there consistently since most of my friends lived in Roanoke, Virginia area. When another establishment opened in Roanoke, I decided to commit to it. Started in Apr 2013 and finished in Jan 2014.

Now, there are many similar establishments across the US like JBs, but what appeals to me about them is the following in ascending order:

  • the dive bar feel – including the noticeable variety of bras hanging from the chandelier. 
  • a burger that comes a haberno pepper on it. 
  • the variety of beer, frequently changing mini-kegs, and steal-a-pint events.
  • the friendliness of local patrons and visitors
  • the quality of service by the staff
  • the sassiness of ‘my girlz’ and the camaraderie from ‘my boyz’.

A small shout out: whoever manages their fb page and fb group/person does an aggressive and awesome job of fb advertising/marketing their product.

I drank down the 100 beer on Jan 11th 2014 with the worst beer ever – my choice though. A classic Pony Miller High Life served by one of my favorites Haley. Actually Natty Light or Michelob Ultra probably would have been worse.

The local – 300+ notch – patron George who drank my 100th with me.

And the staff who celebrated with me – minus Sarah (who doesn’t do pictures).

Okay girls … I know you are over-analyzing the pictures now… so get over it. I don’t look perfect either. 😛 Secretly, Sarah is saying … see this is why I don’t do pictures.

Back to Fat Tuesday where I pick up my 100 notch shirt with my Ali Baba name tag and celebrate with my friends Dave and Samantha.

Jack Brown’s, thank you for the service and the celebration of the journey to a hundred: Ian, Sarah, Haley, Jessica, Lesley, Joyner, Heather, Brandy, Trevor, Raymond, and one more person … whose name I just don’t remember (Sorry!)

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler – Let The Good Times Roll!