During my Camino in Spain, I will be passing by La Cruz de Ferro. La Cruz de Ferro is a huge iron cross on the Camino de Santiago and is located between the towns of Foncebadón and Manjarín on Section 6 of the French Way.

It consists of a wooden pole about five feet high surmounted by an iron cross, a replica of the original preserved in the Museo de los Caminos in Astorga. At its base there has been a mound forming over the years. A legend says that when the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was being built, pilgrims were asked to contribute by bringing a stone. The tradition is to throw a stone here, brought from the place of origin of the pilgrim, symbolizing what the pilgrim want to leave behind and get ready for rebirth on the last part of the Camino.
I have known James and Lucia since I starting working in Lexington for Sigma Nu in July 2001. James was one of the executives who hired me. Over the years he and his wife have been great friends and thoughtful, inviting me over to spend the holidays when most people are with their families – since mine are scattered all over the globe. When my mom came down to visit they were very kind to her inviting her and I out for dinner and welcome her to the United States and notably Lexington.

They took me out for dinner on Thursday at the Country Club in Lexington. I’ve always thought New Orleans, Louisiana had the best fried oysters, but the fried oyster appetizer at the Country Club is also to-die-for. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. Do they accept to-go-orders from non-members? Seriously, do they??
We haven’t spent time with each other collectively in while, but once we just sat down it felt as if we had seen each other yesterday. We caught up on old times, talked about the future, all things Sigma Nu, happenings in both our lives, someone’s upcoming birthday, and the wonderful island of St. Lucia that they visit every year.
During dinner they gave me a card and going away gift. And after reading the gift cover I knew it was perfect for my journey.

It is transparent stone with an encased angel hugging/holding on to the world a.k.a Travel Angel
The front reads:
Wherever you may wander
Wherever you may roam…

May the Angels journey with you
And safely bring you home.
The back reads:
Use this Stone in whatever way feel right to you
Put the Stone in your pocket or purse to use as
a touch stone reminder  that you are
 indeed “Protected by Angels.”

Some hold the Stone in their hands to use
as a Worry Stone to let go of stress or worries…

Others imagine Peace and Serenity flowing
into their lives as they hold the Stone.

However, you use it, know this Stone
 has come to you for a reason…
I knew you had to bring a stone from your city of origin for the Camino. But it totally slipped my mind. Not sure if Lucia (who picked it) pre-planned it since they have a friend who has also done the Camino, or it was just mere fate/co-incidence. But I know that after I held it in my palm, I felt called to use it as my Worry Stone, my temporary cross to bear, transferring all my life’s burdens, stresses, and worries on to it, before placing it on the pile of La Cruz de Ferro … and leaving them behind as I walk away towards Santiago de Compostela.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell