I met Ellie during canvassing in 2008. Since then we became friends and Survivor fans although we don’t root for the same person. Over the years I have gotten to know her husband Scott and her kids Daniel and Katie.

Ellie and Scott invited me over for dinner at their home. We talked about my travels, watched interesting videos on YouTube, caught stink bugs that decided to play with me, and learned about dub step and jazz dub step from her kids Katie and Daniel. I always thought I was in touch with the current music scene. Yeah… next time I feel that way, I’ll just ask teenagers what they listen to, and then realize I’m soooooo out of touch.

We had salmon, couscous, spinach, some amazing butter, wine and lots of interesting dinner conversation. By the time we finished dinner, I realized that I had forgotten to get a group picture so we decided a selfie during dessert would be ideal. But first an evening walk around the block.

Delicious brownies and vanilla ice-cream topped with fudge syrup. I’m glad I ran a 5K earlier. During dessert, we talked about my upcoming trip to Spain (Camino), and our mutual friends (Tim & Cathy) previous travels on the Camino de James in 2012, their blog, and their upcoming Camino adventure in 2014.

I realized in mid-stream conversation that they had never seen the movie The Way nor the trailer. What???? You have three friends – two who have completed it and are going again, one who is about to undertake it, and you follow both our blogs … but have never seen the movie.

Guess what we are doing now … good ol’ family movie time … it always feels great sharing what I am about to do with friends and in the process re-kindle my own passion to undertake the Camino.

An awesome evening with awesome friends makes for some awesome memories.