A hungry immigrant, a farmer, and a goat walk into a … well, there are a couple of misleading problems with this intro.

  1. The goat didn’t walk in. It was more ‘carried’ in … and before the hungry immigrant got there.
  2. It wasn’t a bar, but I know that is what you might be thinking. It was just the local restaurant in town Mano Taqueira a.k.a. Mano Taco
I’ll just chalk up the ‘misleading’ as ‘marketing’ the blog.
Bob is one of my good friends. He lives near San Francisco, California, is a dedicated volunteer for Sigma Nu (Grand Historian), and writes fascinating articles for the Fraternity Magazine along with preserving Sigma Nu’s History through archival management and preservation. I’ve never been interested in history, but through our friendship and fraternal connection, Bob has illuminated my view on the value of history and preserving it for future generations.
I told him that we need to check out the new restaurant in town on Day 1 of him getting here. He comes to Lexington, Virginia multiple times a year for two weeks at a time just to serve Sigma Nu. I told him that I really dig the restaurant. The food is really good – and supports all local farmers since they buy their meats. And the price is good value for money, so I definitely am encouraged to come more often.
I order the chicken burrito, but the gentleman beside me suggests to try the goat. I like goat meat! It’s something new, not on the menu yet, so why not? After I get my order changed, we sit down next to the gentleman who suggested the goat and chat with him.

Turns out that Spencer is the farmer, who raised the goat at his local farm (Kohl Family Farm) and brought it in, and was trying out his self-raised product along with us. Talk about food being really local! I never imagined I would be sharing food for the first time and conversation with a local farmer who raised it at that very moment.

Just so amazing! Support your local farmer; eat at local restaurants that promote their products.
Thanks for lunch, Bob. Next Mano Taco – and goat – experience is on me!