In all my years in Lexington, there is one person who comes to mind who is very humble, appreciative, dedicated and sincere all at the same time. I cannot specifically remember when and where I first met him, but we shared a Sigma Nu connection. I would run into him at Lex Coffee, around town, at the W&L radio station, W&L baseball fields for the Rockbridge Rapid games, and I guess The Palms, when it used to be the only watering hole of the town.

We never really talked for long when we did run into each other nor hang out often, and in some cases we wouldn’t run into each other for years, but he is one of those people that when you meet you innately want to keep in touch with whenever you can even though your paths don’t cross often.

I recall the first time I asked him if he could assist Sigma Nu Headquarters with providing audio equipment for our team building activities and ritual sessions. He was more than willing to assist and definitely helped the organization in meeting those needs. Every two years, I would ask him again, and he would come through for Sigma Nu until we shifted our leadership conference Sigma Nu: College of Chapters away from Lexington, Virginia to other locations. His small but yet important contribution allowed the organization to impact over 1000 students through the years through ethical leadership training.

His impact was not just for Sigma Nu. I recall listening to him at WLUR 91.5 FM radio, and watching him volunteer and assist with Rockbridge Rapid games. His passion for radio and sports broadcasting is self-evident as he has taken W&L from very little to leading the way in the ODAC conference in those areas of operation.

Jeremy Franklin, it was great to be your friend all these years in Lexington. Thank you for your service to the Rockbridge Community, to the W&L Community, and more specifically to Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. I know what contributions you to made to what you worked on over the years… and the impact is has felt. Also, thanks for lunch – I know what to get you the next time I visit (minus the mayo and the onions). You are awesome!