Living in Lexington is a little difficult socially. The young professional population is very small. So I usually find myself going to Roanoke, Virginia more often. I had developed a few friendships over the early years in Roanoke but without the influence of John Park I don’t think I would have met so many people and developed so many quality relationships and connections.

John Park is Roanoke’s Biggest Supporter. 
He organizes a FREE meet up of young professionals in the area every first and third Monday of the month called Monday Funday. Each event is hosted at a different bar/restaurant/brewery and brings swarms of people to hang out meet each other. If you are new to Roanoke this is a fantastic way to meet new people and network. If you have been around the area for a while, then you will likely run into a familiar face.
He also organizes a Cash Mob occasionally. It is similar to a flash mob, where instead of dancing, the masses of people show up to a local business and buy their local products providing and infusion of cash.
He organizes Bar Crawls, Pub Runs, Derby Fundraisers, Singles Mixers, Salem Red Sox outings (baseball), Food Truck shenanigans, and other events around the season which gives people an excuse to come out and celebrate living in Roanoke and Downtown Roanoke area. 
I personally know how my social circle and friendship grew exponentially just because of his individual effort. I know John’s personal desire to make Roanoke a wonderful place to reside in has significantly made an impact and a profound experience during my stay in Lexington and visits to Roanoke. And I hope that whatever city I end up in that there are people similar to him who have a deep desire to impact the community life through social engagement.
John Park you are a great friend. Thank you for putting together my Farewell Party at Blue 5. I will miss you and Sharon greatly.