I met her when I was knocking on doors for Obama in ’08. And I extensively volunteered with her side-by-side in ’12. She volunteered a lot of her personal time and energy to make sure Lexington, Virginia, and the United States went blue in the last presidential election.

She is the reason why I ever got a ticket to the Second Inauguration, Presidential Ball, and the Staff Ball. An amazing experience that – regardless of which political persuasion you subscribe to –  everyone should have the opportunity to attend when your candidate of choice wins.

If you think I am passionate and politically engaged, then you need to meet her. She is the voice on continual activism to topics that are important to her. She engages the masses: from those who are quiet and those who are loud and outspoken to constantly be active to bring about the change that they want.

While I am passionate about various topics within politics, my actions don’t reflect the fire burning within. I am humbled by her dedication to what is important to her. Her actions are always engaged in the topic of the day and spreading the message around whether it is in Richmond, Virginia or in Washington, DC.

One day I hope to lead the way in my local community as she has whether it be politics or other civic engagement.

It has been a pleasure knowing you Bridgett Kelley-Dearing. Thank you for hosting an amazing Lexington Bon Voyage party or me.

You inspire me and many others through your way of being. I hope you continue to share your voice and action with the world. If all residents and citizens were as engaged in the process as you are, then I’m sure our elected officials would pay attention to our voices than the money in their coffers.