Travel Date: Friday, April 4th 2014

So I’ve known Rakesh for over the years in Lexington. He was a 1L (1st year law student), then a 2L, and then a 3L… and then eventually a successful partner at McGuireWoods in Charlotte, NC. He is married to a beautiful Indian princess Vidya, and they have a lovely daughter Sahana.

Rakesh and I have reconnected over the years during his time in Lexington, VA and occasionally in Charlotte, NC. When I arrived in Charlotte my plans for the evening were a bit tentative, but Rakesh asked me to come over to his place for dinner. Vidya was cooking Indian curry chicken in a pressure cooker. If you have ever had Indian food made in a pressure cooker you will know it is already delicious.

I walked into the home. The first thing I noticed was the smell of Indian spices. The first words out of my mouth were NOT ‘Hi Vidya, thank you for inviting me to your home’ but ‘OMG that smells delicious.’ I’m too much of a man who thinks with his belly. My manners then kicked in, and I hugged and thanked her for their hospitality.

Their home is beautiful. They have more window than wall in their living room and it overlooks the beautiful city lights. Incredible!! We reconnected about our lives, their daughter, my travels, and living in Charlotte.

We had dinner on their condo porch. It was a perfect evening with a gentle breeze with the most aromatic Indian food I have had since I can remember. Rakesh even pulled out the 12 year old scotch to celebrate, and celebrate we did!! So smooth.

Seriously. The food was so delicious, I had three servings. I’m not kidding. I’m a skinny little Indian boy with a noticable belly, and my taste buds kept repeating ‘Get in my belly!!!’ with every bite.

Rakesh and Vidya, thank you for being awesome hosts. I will never forget our time together, our conversation, the view and yes the smooth scotch and delicious food. A spectacular night to remember.

Expenses: $23.26
Coffee: $2.36
Gas $21.00