Travel Date: Saturday, April 5th 2014

I’ve known Haley through her sister Meredith – who I met while I was in Lexington. Meredith and her parents and I have grown close over the years. She is my adopted sis. Her parents are like my parents, and they frequently refer to me as their ‘other son’. However Haley and I don’t get to see each other that often so we had a lot of catching up and ‘brother-sister’ bonding to do. Haley lives in Charlotte area with her husband Greg and I wanted to spend time with her since I was in the area.

I started the morning with a run to downtown Charlotte and basically ran by all the attractions in the downtown area. When I posted a picture on facebook with the caption ‘Downtown’, I was quickly schooled by my friends that the downtown area is called ‘Uptown’ and not ‘Downtown’. Something about being the highest point of the city and also the Charlotte Observer trying to promote a positive upbeat image of the city center … my sources: fb, car conversation with Haley and verified by Wikipedia
Haley and I met later in the afternoon and we went out to Discovery Place: a nature museum. We picked up some local grocery store/mom-pop sandwiches and went to the Discovery Place through the backdoor. 
I got to see the nature museum from the behind-the-scene first, and I gained a higher level of appreciation for what goes into taking care of creatures and the effort and energy the staff put into their work. Haley also provided a personal and professional detailed commentary for the creatures behind the scenes and also in the public view. 
I found Nemo x2

Giant Clam

Poisonous frog

After an extensive tour, we went out for dinner to Nan and Byron’s. My friend Melanie from Roanoke, Virginia had recommended it through our mutual friend John Park. I got the Pie: lamb stew, corn, peas, chives, and mash potatoes. The picture itself should leave you speechless. 

After a heavy dinner, we went back home and I watched the UConn – Florida game with Greg. He is a die-hard UConn fan, so there was a lot of verbal excitement with crucial buckets and missed ones. I was rooting for UConn even though I had picked Florida would win. Amazing game and outcome. Greg was ecstatic. Cannot wait to watch the final. 
What an amazing day with my sister’s sister and her hubby. Ok Haley, you can call me your brother now.

Expenses: $21.27
Dinner: $21.27 (At Nan’s & Byrons)