Travel Date: Sunday, April 6th 2014

I joined Sigma Nu in 2000, and working for the Headquarters of Sigma Nu for 13 years has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many volunteers, alumni and students over the years. During those years I have developed friendships with these individuals who may not all have the same interests as me but we definitely have a common bond both through our connection of Sigma Nu, and our shared time together working for the Headquareters.

Two such people are Russ Hammond and Jeff Feighner both of whom I’ve worked with extensively over the years. 

Russ, and I met up for coffee on the last day and caught up about life in Charlotte and our past times in Lexington Virginia and some of the good old days working for Sigma Nu HQ. Thanks for letting me crash on your couch Russ – my trip to Charlotte would have not existed if it weren’t for your generosity.

Jeff and I met up at his house and we went down to Heist Brewery and caught up a lot in our lives over beer and brunch. The Brunch was one of the best I’ve had. And the waffles was amazing. Breakfast of Champions!! The bartender and servers were awesome and I made a few connections over there sharing my future travels.

We hopped down to Noda Brewing Company to enjoy some more adult refreshments and I saw this awesome perspective hanging on the wall.

We hopped around to other different locations, and ended up meeting lots of people, making connections, sharing business cards, and plans about my US and Spain travels and then I found myself getting separated from Jeff for a little adventure of my own. Jeff, thanks for being a good mate. I definitely enjoyed our chats and time together on Sunday and thank you for showing me around – good times! One day when I find the right city I will definitely look forward to hosting you in similar if not more hospitable fashion. It was truly Sunday Funday.

Expenses: $71.92
Coffee: $15.10
Coffee (round 2): $2.60
Dinner: $48.22 with random strangers
Beer: $6.00