Travel Date: Tuesday, April 8th 2014

Kirkland and I have known each other for years. I met her through her brother Phil. We ran into each other over the years in Lexington, and then she worked with me for 5 years in the same office before she got a great opportunity with Bronco Software, Inc. in Durham, NC.

She took me to her office in Durham. The setup is amazing. Open office areas, foosball table, too many conference rooms, and the surround area was very relaxed and inviting. When I am ready to return to the work force, this is the kind of office environment I want to be in.

She hooked us up with tickets to the new renovated Durham Bulls baseball stadium.

And then we met up with the real BULL.

We grabbed a drink and caught up from where we left off. Thank you Kirkland for showing me around, giving me great recommendations of places to visit and restaurants to eat at, letting me stay over and being a wonderful hostess. You are an amazing friend.

I like Durham and the Triangle area. Wish I was here to experience more on the weekend.

Expenses: $34.00
Gas: $34.00