Travel Date: Thursday, April 10th 2014

As soon as I drove into Franklin St, I felt alive. Found a parking garage and went to the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.

The building is large but the exhibit small. I really wasn’t impressed with the Planetarium, but given it was free, given it assisted the astronauts on their first mission to the moon, and that I have seen a lot of Cosmos shows lately, I knew I was assessing it with really high expectations. It was eye-opening to see how difficult the first astronauts had it with the limited technology they had to work with during their day. They even had to rely on looking at the stars from their window and assessing their location. Brings back memories of the movie: Gravity.

The large Sundial was impressive though.

I walked around Franklin St it reminded me about M St in Georgetown. Lots of shops and people, and I love the atmosphere. Even struck up conversations at the stop lights. People here are friendly. I noticed a restaurant with a deck on the top and decided to go there for lunch. Turns out it was a brewery and a restaurant: The Top of the Hill Brewery and Restaurant.

After my beer lunch and a light buzz, I walked around campus, passed by the Sigma Nu house. Opted out of stopping by – probably too much ‘Nationals’ still in me. I walked down and into Dean Dome (Dean E. Smith Student Activities Center). Amazing view and feeling.

I then walked to the Carolina Basketball Museum. To see the memorabilia from the Tar Heels of the past and the G.O.A.T. Micheal Jordan.

Jordan turned Duke down.

I felt sooo at home! Love Tar Heel Country!

Expenses: $13.14
Breakfast: $9.14
Parking: $4.00