Travel Date: Thursday, April 10th 2014

I love it when life offers you instant connections.

I was walking down Franklin St, and noticed a large deck on the top of a building that overlooked the entire street. So I decided to have lunch there. The restaurant is called Top of the Hill Brewery and Restaurant (Topo). I didn’t even notice it was a brewery.

Sat the bar and ordered a flight of all the beers since they were brewed locally. Reminds me about my Jack Brown days.

Started talking to the couple sitting next to me. They were very friendly. Chris and Sam have been married about 2 years. Chris actually is the Brew Master and trained in Germany and they have traveling to various parts of Europe. I related my future travels to Spain and travels across the US and we talked about their experiences both in the US and Spain, and more importantly beer, home brewing, and the various batches at Topo.

Chris suggested that I visit the Dean Dome and Carolina Basketball Musuem, both which turned out to be fantastic suggestions that made my day there. If you are ever in Chapel Hill stop by at Topo and say Hi to Chris and Sam for me. They’re wonderful people.

My personal favorites from the selection were the Plott Hound Rye Pale Ale and then the Blueridge Blueberry Wheat. I didn’t think I would like the Blueberry Wheat but it surprised me. Great work Chris!!

Expenses: $11.50
Beverages: $11.50