Travel Date: Wednesday, April 9th 2014

I had some time to kill so I decided to drive and check out the Duke Gardens. A bunch of people had recommended that I stop by to check it out. I am definitely not a ‘garden person’ but after receiving a wealth of the same suggestions I decided to try to broaden my experience do something different.

It was impressive and mostly peaceful. I made a mental note to come back here the next day and meditate. 

The next morning after my breakfast, I put on my five finger running shoes and ran about 5K to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. 

Ran around the entire area, stopping by to take pictures and occasionally meditate for a few minutes at various locations and appreciate the surrounding beauty and activity. The beauty of some parts were sooo distracting that I opted for a spacious scene with rarely any flowers.

I spent over an hour in the garden and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Currently having withdrawals by just thinking about it. Enjoy the pictures.

If you live in the area you should use this free resource to practice meditation, mindfulness and being present.

Expenses: $22.61
Breakfast: $9.68
Lunch: $12.93

Note: (These expenses were before and after I got to the garden)