Travel Date: Thursday, April 10th 2014

So my friend Kirkland, who I was staying with in Durham has been raving about this bar that I would like to visit and try an Old Fashioned. The bar is called Whiskey. The drinks are styled and served as if during prohibition days and the bar tenders KNOW THEIR STUFF. They also have a Cigar Lounge upstairs for those who partake.

My friend Jon (Kirland’s BFF’s (Kristen’s) husband) who are neighbors decide to head downtown to Whiskey, drink a few, and have guy night out.

We start out with an Old Fashioned. Notice it is not your traditional old fashioned. I initially don’t like it as much but then it really starts to get good. Probably the second best old fashioned I’ve ever had and served with Rye.

Jon and I are on a similar meditative path but we come from different walks of life. He is married and has a son. I am single, and yes, available. He served in Afghanistan and is using his meditative practices to overcome his PTSD. I have worked for 13 years in a really small town, and dealt with the frustrations to become an immigrant and used my meditative practices to deal those frustrations among others.

We are both on a similar but distinct spiritual paths and want to use our limited spiritual and meditative knowledge to benefit those around us. If you are reading this blog, have served your country, have PTSD and Jon’s story relates to you, let me know. He wants to help his fellow servicemen and servicewomen.

Sometimes life puts people in your way to illuminate things you should focus on. As we were chatted about our experiences and the spiritual teachers that impacted us, Jon mentioned a couple of teachings that I had forgotten and now can reflect on as I enjoy my ‘vacation.’

Life is full of pain. Suffering is optional.

Being disappointed is a sign of attachment. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you weren’t attached to a particular outcome.

Thank you Jon. I enjoyed our conversation. It left me with an indelible mark and wisdom to reflect on as I travel to Charleston, Spain and the rest of the United States. Keep in touch, brother. Namaste. Darn, forgot to take a picture of us – for the memories.

And to the two young ladies (Heather and Amber) who sat across from us and entertained us with great conversation, we enjoyed your company. We wish you success in your business venture.

Expenses: $39.90
Dinner: $12.30
Beverages: $27.60