Travel Date: Friday, April 11th 2014

As part of my travels, I am trying to take at least one picture of the State Welcome sign of all the different states I visit. Since the interstate directions from Durham to Charleston were relatively simple I decided to turn off my GPS until I got into Charleston. BAD IDEA.

I entered the State of South Carolina and drove past the sign.

I quickly reacted and took the nearest exit ramp on South of the Border (which is a rest stop on the border). In the few seconds of ramp time, I discovered it was going to take too much effort to park the car safely, and walk in the opposite direction just to take a picture. Additionally, the thought quickly crossed my mind that I could easily give up on the sign idea since I wasn’t going to visit all 50 states anyway. I would definitely miss Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico; just kidding, I know Guam and Puerto Rico are not states.

So I decided to skip South Carolina, and perhaps get it another time. I took the next available South exit sign. Or at least what I thought was the next South exit sign. I zoned out and into the audio book I was listening to, ended up driving back 1 hr in the direction back to Durham, and until I turned off the audio book and then noticed I was going the wrong way when I kept on seeing North Carolina signs everywhere.

If only I had Siri to tell me take a U turn repeated. Never again… turn off GPS.

The upside to the two hour excursion is that I did know when to pull over prior to the South of the Border exit and take a glorious picture that makes this post worth it – even if it is at my expense.

Expenses: $36.87
Gas: $36.87