Travel Date: Tuesday, April 15 2014

After months and months of reading online, asking questions on the fb group America Pilgrims on the Camino, asking personal friends who have done the pilgrimage themselves (Ben, Cathy, Tim, Allison, & Graham), asking the staff and shopping at Walkabout Outfitters – Lexington and REI, I am all set.

Full Gear List

The best book I have read to get ready for hiking in general is by Andrew Skurka. I have to thank Ferrell Alman and the Washington & Lee Outing Club for getting him to come down and speak about his hiking adventures and gear. Andrew is an adventure athlete and has hiked many many places and he writes from his experience for the layman and aspiring adventure seekers. After watching him speak and reading his book I feel more ready and informed. One day I plan to do some of his weekend hiking courses for a better learned experience. His book also saved me hundreds of dollars from making better purchasing decisions.

Thank you Ben, Allison, Graham, Tim and Cathy. Your patience with my 500 questions is appreciated.

Tim and Cathy, I admire you both for planning to cover all the different paths of the Camino. If my readers want to follow their blog, then please check out

Thank you for all who supported me, encouraged me, gave me stuff and are reading my blog. I start living my dream of the past 2 years today!

I weighed my bag at the airport. Just 16 lbs. <10% of my body weight. Feeling good about the weight and also knowing that it includes my laptop, laptop accessories and gear that I don't necessarily need but nice to have.

Funny story, the TSA agent was really surprised at the uber light weight of my checked in duffel bag. So I told him what I was doing first, then opened up the bag and showed him the contents. It contained my walking poles, and a knife. I pulled out the knife, we look at it and each other and I said “Definitely cannot take that as a carry-on the plane.” He smiled, “Good point.”

Time to go catch my plane. Buen Camino!