Travel Date: Friday, April 11th 2014

My good friends: Meredith and Frederick (Frick) live on James Island. The first thing I noticed I liked while driving into James Island are the trees.

The first trees I see are the welcoming party with their drooping but welcoming shape.

They just surround you, offer you protection from the rays of the sun to enjoy the shade and warmth at the same time, and provide that sufficient glimmer of rays passing through the space between the leaves and branches. These trees are everywhere.
And then there are live oaks that just sits down and sprawls out taking up space, like a hoarder. The one below is in their backyard.
Can you say “Awesome Future Tree House?”
Travel Date: Saturday, April 12th 2014

And then there is the big daddy of them all, The Angel Oak Tree estimated to be about 400-500 years old (if not older) and the longest branch is about 187 ft. But that is a wikipedia reference so don’t take my word for it. Thank you John Park for recommending I see this.

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