Travel Date: Saturday, April 12th 2014

So after a quick trip to The Angel Oak Tree, Frick, Meredith and I headed to Folly Beach for the Sea and Sand Festival where they block off a portion of the street have the local selling local stuff to everyone visiting.

Meredith has been my friend for ages. She has lived in Lexington, Virginia for a few years and I met through another mutual and good friend of ours Amy. Over the years we have gotten closer, and I know her family well as consider them as my own. I recently hung out with her sister Haley in Charlotte. Frederick is her husband and is from South Africa. Finally someone who can relate on rugby, cricket, and skydiving.

We walk around and then head over to a local bar to see the beach, sit down catch some sun, catch up, drink and be merry, and I also take the opportunity to enjoy some of the eye candy.

We met up for dinner with my other good friend Amy, another former Lexington resident who introduced us and her adorable daughter. Amy is one of my closest friends. We practically came to Lexington at the same time; perhaps even on the same day at met at St. Patricks Catholic Church. She is always cajoling me to move to Charleston. I think it might work.


Awesome day at the beach with some of my closest friends and their loved ones.

Expenses: $76.62
Beverages: $38.50
Clothing: $10.00
Dinner: $28.12