Travel Date: Monday, April 14th 2014

On the drive back from Charleston, SC the road gave me a going away gift at mile marker 133, 45 miles from Lexington at 11:30 PM.

Fortunately, it was the rear passenger tire and I was able to slow down and pull over to the shoulder of the road. There was not much room between the road and my car on the should and with the truckers and cars whizzing past me at 70+ mph I was nervous even attempting to change my own tire with little light. 1 hr later thanks to a State Trooper slowing down traffic and AAA serviceman the tire was changed and I’m on my merry way for 45 miles driving 45 mph.

Early next morning I took my car to H&J Tire Company where I purchased all four tires about a year ago.

I’m just waiting to hear the cost of it. I make them aware of my tire situation, and that I’m leaving to Spain in a day. 4 hours later they tell me they were able to replace it with a brand new tire at half price due to a one-time free pass that their tire company allows for. I’m unbelievable grateful. And they did it without me asking.

They are one of the best customer service providers in the area and I highly recommend Lexingtonians using them for basic services like oil and filter changes, and tire rotations. They always think of the customer and how they can serve them. I always walk out of there with all my questions answered, learning something new and never feel like I got chipped.

I will miss their level of service on the road. Thank you H&J for amazing service over the years.

Expenses: $229.22
Coffee: $3.09 (LexCoffee)
Gas: $3.71 (Shell)
Gas: $33.17 (BP)
Supplies: $18.93 (Kroger)
Maintenance: $142.90 (H&J includes tire change)
Insurance : $27.42 (AAA Extended Insurance)