Travel Date: Saturday, April 19 2014

We got up to Spanish music in Zubiri, and within moments our hostel room of maybe 12 people was filled with laughter and noise at 6 AM ish in the morning. So much energy to start the Camino!!

The last night, I was really cold and felt like I was going to catch a fever in the morning. I tried some positive thinking and feeling (Wayne Dyer/Dr. Bruce Lipton) and in the morning I was feeling much better. Not sure if my forced positive thinking and feeling had anything to do with it or not but I know that I was on the cusp of falling sick and now I wasn’t. 
We went for breakfast and I overloaded on OJ. 3 glasses of Orange Juice – and lots of water from the local watering hole (literally). I asked Daniel the previous night for some aspirin and took two this morning. He is a life saver.
Our next destination was Pamplona, where two members of our little walking group live: Josean and Rebeca.

We say ‘see you later’ to Nooria (far left) whom we met on our travels in Roncesvalles and who walked with us to Zubiri. She is heading home and wanted to say goodbye to us before she left.
Today I was reminded of Virginia through the beauty of the landscapes and scenery:

At other times I am just fascinated by Spanish homes and architecture that as we pass from town to town.

On the way there we come across the Hotel Akeretta which was used in a scene in the movie The Way was filmed. The scene was when Tom (Charlie Sheen) met Sarah (the Canadian smoker). This movie inspired me to walk the Camino and being present in the physical location where the movie was filmed was a connecting experience becoming full circle.

We eventually stop for a break at Irotz with other pilgrims.

We continue walking some more and pick up another friend along the way, Fernando from Uruguay. The first person I met on the train heading to SJPP. And we begin to enter the outskirts of Pamplona from the suburbs and get a growing urban feel.

And then we see the walls of Pamplona and are treated to a whole other experience as we walk towards, through and inside of them.

And then we head to a bar to celebrate with fellow pilgrims and head on over to Rebeca and Josean’s house to rest and celebrate our friendship together.

Expenses: 19.50 Euros
Notes: I didn’t note my expenses separately but I did it add it up mentally at the end of the day and put it in my expenses program on my iPhone.