Travel Date: Sunday, April 20 2014

This is the end of our road travels for three of our friends. Previously, Fairus (from Brazil) has gone ahead to walk with her brother. Fernando is going home the next day to see his wife. And Josean and Rebeca are returning to work Tuesday so there are not going anywhere on Monday. Easter Sunday is our last day to spend with each other so we decided to be adventurous in Pamplona.

In the morning we have an assorted breakfast options with coffee and Pan con Tomato. This is where we take bread, take a clove of garlic and vigorously rub it on the bread, then take a slice of cut tomato and and rub, squeeze or put it on the bread. Deliciouso! Ham is also a good addition to this mixture. Non-Spanish friends, try it for breakfast one day – perhaps on the weekend when you don’t have to go to work with garlic bread immediately.

After breakfast we get a couple of “Hurry and hang out with me calls from Fernando”. He is at a nearby hotel so we head to the inner city (within the walls) of Pamplona and meet up with Fernando, whom we lovingly refer to as Fernan-disco (following with some rave music disco beats). 
The first stop is Meson de la Navarreria. The staff are wonderful, lively, energetic and engaging. The pinchos which is a small snack (not tapas) are also good. 

Next, we walk to the inner city center to see the public square/space. Pamplona is beautiful and the people are lively.
I also see the flags of Basque Country and their people. There is a movement for the Basque to separate and create their own country from Spain. I am not fully clear about the details of their cause but the closest thing I can relate it to is the succession movement in the United States by particular states. Regardless, it is pretty to see the Basque colors and ‘Independentzia’ people wearing green in the streets
We walk into Cafe Irune where Ernest Hemingway used to visit. They have dedicated markers for him in various spots.

Next up, more food, beverage and celebration at La Mandarra de la Ramos.

Cured ham! Lots of it! And very delicious!

I met two friends of Josean and Rebeca: Carlos and Ana. They were very friendly, great to talk to and spoke good English. YES!

This is how you wear your umbrella in Pamplona. Seriously, it is!

Next stop Bar Burgales and yes there is more jamon (ham).

Final bar stop: El Patio De Las Comedias and our great bartender Guillermo.

Fernando and Josean, head back to get the car. Rebeca, Daniel and I tour the Pamplona Bull sites.

Finally, after a quick stop at the local pharmacy (farmacia) we head over back to the house where Chef Fernando is making us a five course dinner.

Remarkable dinner. Best peregrino meal ever! After dinner we all hang out at talk. Things get pretty emotional for me when we all come to the realization that we have spent an intense amount of time together and bonded in just four days and today is the last day for us to spend together. The Camino is an amazing adventure that brings people from various walks of life, backgrounds, ethnic origins, and even languages together… and for me and Daniel it has only just begun!

And last and most importantly, without our gracious hosts Rebeca and Josean, this would not be possible.

Expenses: 65 Euros
Notes: I didn’t note my expenses separately but I did it add it up mentally at the end of the day and put it in my expenses program on my iPhone.