Travel Date: Monday, April 21 2014

So we (Daniel and I) got up at left around a little after 7 AM. Josean and Rebeca dropped us off at the end of Pamplona, near the University and we said our emotional goodbyes/see you later.

We starting walking with a little bit of mist but the views were still beautiful.

And then we hit the fields and the up climb to the Windmills and Alto del Perdon.

Finally get to the top and the view on either side is amazing. So is the wrought iron representation of medieval pilgrims with heads bent to the west wind.

As I walk down we walk through amazing fields.

We also pass through the small town of Puente La Reina and I take a picture with the peregrino monument, and then walk through the narrow streets and visit the Church of the Crucifixion ‘Iglesia del Crucifijo’ which was once under the auspices of the Knights Templar.

We continue on Cirauqui (Zirauki) and decide to stay the Albergue Maralotx there. It is a nice. I get some laundry done and run into a few people from the original day in St. Jean Pied de Port. It is so good to reconnect with the original group.

And have dinner with a new group of friends. Nicola and Roy from Ireland, Lee from South Korea, my walking buddy Daniel from USA, and Sebastian from Germany (left to right).

And after dinner we get a surprise visit from Josean and Rebeca who drive down from Pamplona to spend a few hours with us before the night is over. Wonderful day, great views, new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

Expenses: 27.10 Euro
Lunch: 6.1 Euros
Albergue: 9 Euros
Dinner: 12 Euros