Travel Date: Saturday, April 26 2014

I woke up and my toe felt better. I was very glad. There is still a little bit of pain when I put pressure on it, but generally I can walk on it with a small hobble and a much faster pace. While walking on the Camino I run into Hillary from England and she is walking at about the same pace so we walk together.

It begins to rain intermittently, so we dig out our rain gear and continue down the path. I notice that when I stop walking the pain in my toe re-appears immediately after I start walking again until I get in a flow, so I try to take less breaks as possible. We stop for breakfast, and then on churches at every town.

We saw an interesting sign on one of the Churches together about the Camino.

After a while the bottom of my feet are getting sore from the pounding with the ground. Hillary suggests that I lift my legs in the air for about 10 minutes and try again. Why not?

I feel a little bit better and we continue to walk about 4.8 km to our destination and after reading the guide and seeing the signs, we decide to stay at the Cuatro Cantones Albergue. My feet are tired, but my blistered toes are better and most importantly NO NEW BLISTERS.

The albergue is nice. I get my assigned bed, take a shower, do my laundry and hang it up to dry and also sign up for the local Community Dinner in the albergue.

I go into the common area/kitchen and try to catch up on writing my blogs. Yan from Holland wants to buy me a beer from the vending machine. Never had cold beer from a vending machine before.

Finally a bunch of us go upstairs for the Community dinner. The place is small, cute and filled with lively energy.

I am placed with a Dutch mother and daughter (Elly and Rosemarie) and a Norwegian (Inger).

I order the paella, pork loin with chips, and caramel pudding. The paella was not good – disappointing really. But the pork loin with chips and caramel pudding were just amazing. Simply amazing! Probably my second best meal in Spain after the La Taverna in Logrono.

Finally my new friend Rosemarie decides to get the chef make a new concoction for him: Cafe con Leche y Baileys (coffee with milk and Bailey liquor). She shared it with us. It was delicious.

After dinner, I head downstairs to write this blog so I am all caught up, and I get one last chance to say goodbye to Mirian and Mikel (my two Spanish friends that I have seen and stayed with since Cirauqui.) They are leaving the Camino tomorrow and I think if I get up in time I will attempt to walk with them.

It has only been four days of randomly seeing each other, and I feel close to them since they are so genuine and have enormous warm hearts. Yes the Camino can do such powerful things with random strangers. I just wonder how awesome would life on this planet for everyone, if we each could create a genuine emotional connection with the people we met everyday.

Expenses: 23 Euro
Breakfast: 7 Euro
Albergue: 6 Euro
Dinner: 10 Euro