Travel Date: Tuesday, April 22 2014

Woke up in Cirauqui pronounced Zirauki and began my 30+ km hike with Daniel to Los Arcos to catch up with our original group of travelers.

Just another beautiful day without rain and amazing views.

Seeing this made me so happy and feeling connected.

One of my new friends Sandro who is an Italian police officer  that I spoke to the day earlier and we connected on our individual journeys

We passed over a few old bridges.

Through more fields

In tunnels

And some very gothic church structures

Finally we get to the free wine from the Bodegas Irache vineyard. One tap is wine, and the other water.

Filling up my Camino shell with wine since I don’t have an extra container/flask to store it.

Time to refresh myself to hike up the hill. They do say the wine is the energy you need to climb the hill.

Finally after nourishing our bodies, we walk and walk some more and get to the top of the hill and begin our descent down.

And we see the beginnings of wine country.

As we get closer to Los Arcos the scenery gets better and better.

And we finally we get to Los Arcos with tired legs. We check into an alberge and now it is time for beverages, dinner and bed.

Expenses: 36.15 Euro
Breakfast: 8.60 Euro
Albergue: 9 Euro
Dinner: 12 Euro
Compeed: 6.50 Euro