Travel Date: Thursday, April 24 2014

Today was my second day walking solo without Daniel. I left the albergue and ran into my friend Bianca from Austria and Jordi from Spain. And then it began to rain. First time dealing with the rain and I got to try out my poncho and backpack cover. When you don’t have anyone else to take a picture, selfies are the way to go

My left pinky toe is blistered up and that has caused me to slow down my pace. Bianca and Jordi continue on and I take my time walking.

Later in the day I am struggling, and my friend Sebastian from Germany was kind to walk with me all the way to Najera. I cannot tell you how badly I needed someone to just be present walking with me and the Camino provided. Every step was painful for me. Blisters are the worst. We finally make it to the first albergue where our friends are at and there is a long line to enter and it is still raining.

We decide to look for the larger Municipal albergue but we cannot find it, and return to the original one, and there are no rooms. Finally we find and check in into the Municipal Albergue and it is extremely packed and busy but we don’t care. We have a room. The place is cheap but sharing 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets (for men) with 100 people can be a little challenging. Women also have 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets.

After we shower up, we meet up with our friends in the other albergue. My feet are sore and it hurts me to walk even to get dinner. The blister is bad and prevents me from putting any pressure on my left foot.

The first place we go to is all reserved out. Apparently they have the best food in the area, so we walk around to another restaurant and get served in a private room.

From Left to Right: Troy from Canada, Daniel from USA, Tyler and Rebecca from Australia, Me, Janet from Canada, Sebastian from Germany, and Natalia from Germany.

Troy, I and Tyler all try to serve wine to each other at the same time. Took many cooks in this kitchen.

The view in our private room is nice. Too bad it decided to stop raining after we checked it. Grrrr.

Dinner is simple and satisfies me. Of course everything is better with bottles of wine.

Sebastian, Natalia and I head back to our albergue and go to bed. I tend to nursing my wounds hoping they heal.

Warning this is Gross so don’t scoll down unless you want to see my blister.

That is my left pinky toe all torn up. Let see how it does tomorrow.

Expenses: 27.00 Euro

Breakfast: 6.50 Euro
Laundry: 3 Euro
Pharmacy: 6.50 Euro
Dinner: 10 Euro