Travel Date: Sunday, April 27 2014

Today was a very rough day for me.

I woke up in Belorado and didn’t eat breakfast. Said goodbye to my friends Mirian and Mikel. Walked out the door at 7 AM. Walked to 4.8 km to Tosantos, everything is closed. Walked 2 km to Villambisita, everything is closed. Finally walked 1.7 km to Espinosa and got a small breakfast. Headed 3.4 km to Villafranca Montes de Oca and ate some more. Then walked up the first hill about 200 meters in elevation and I was feeling exhausted and light headed while enjoying the scenery.

Kept on walking and then checked my water levels and I was almost out. Dang. I am beginning to realize I drank a little too much wine yesterday and not enough water to compensate and now I’m out, and feeling very very tired and dehydrated. The next town St. Juan de Ortega is 10.6 km away (2 hrs of walking at a normal pace).

The Camino provides: a German friend Bastian, I met a couple of days ago sees me staggering as if I am about to pass out and gives me his water. I have a little more energy and feeling less dehydrated and we continue on.

The wind is blowing, and the temperature is cold despite the sun being out and I’m getting cold and continue to feel dehydrated. Bastian continues to walk with me at my staggering pace and I’m grateful. I’m really waiting for the next town to appear and finally after a long slow walk I see it in the distance.

We walk into the restaurant order two beers, a water, and a large chocolate bar, and I chug down the water quickly, and we celebrate camaraderie with a beer. Bastian saved my behind from fainting or worse.

He heads out after 30 mins. I take about another 15 minute break and feel rejuvenated, buy another bottle of water (just in case) and begin the 3.6 km walk to Ages. My legs pick up the pace and I run into my friend Natalia and we walk to Ages.

Interesting views along the way.

I know what you feel like bud, carrying your home on your back. ~ credit Fairus from Brazil

Finally we arrive at the small town of Ages. Time to check into an albergue.

Get my bed, unpack my gear, shower, and do laundry. Can you tell which bed is mine?

Around dinner time I take a walk and see some of my fellow peregrinos (pilgrims) from Germany in a restaurant/store. I some fruits (bananas & strawberries) for tomorrow and find some interesting surrounding objects.

Head back to my albergue for dinner with water – no wine for today – with the Australians.

And now off to bed.

Expenses: 34.50 Euro
Breakfast: 3.50 Euro
Breakast 2: 3.50 Euro
Drinks: 6 Euro
Albergue: 8 Euro
Grocery Store: 3.50 Euro
Dinner: 10 Euro