Travel Date: Monday, April 28 2014

Woke up in ages and headed on out stocked with sufficient water. As I walked up hill I reminisced about the Virginia farm lands.

Walking up the fields I run into my Australian friends, Tyler and Rebecca who are moving too fast for me to keep up with. I say hello to them and continue on my slow and steady pace. My blister is getting better. It still takes a couple of minutes of walking to get into a flow of moving and not limping, but once that is done I move with ease.

The top of the hill is very flat and wide and has interesting Camino ‘stuff’.

My mother would be proud I took a picture next to a cross. So this one is for you mom!

Finally I get to the top of the hill and I can see my final destination ‘Burgos’ in the back view.
After walking/running down the hill I catch up with Tyler and Rebecca at a local restaurant. And I run into the peregrino (pilgrim) who drinks wine instead of water when he walks.

Tyler, Rebecca and I continue and walk to Burgos. We are a little tired and hungry and we stop by a restaurant on the outskirts of Burgos. And I get a Coke. First time having a Coca-Cola drink in Spain and yes it is really sweet since it has real sugar and not corn syrup as in the States.

I separate from Tyler and Rebecca since I have to purchase some Camino necessities from the local store. Walking through Burgos is definitely different than walking through little tiny towns. It has a bigger city feel.

And then I arrive at the central area of the city (downtown).

I quickly check into my albergue, shower, change, wash my clothes. My albergue is above a church and is small (only 16 beds), two unisex showers, and a separate bathroom for men and women.

I walk around and meet up with my friends in the center plaza of the city for food, wine, amusement and camaraderie.

Toe blister club:

Finally, we head back to the albergue for a nap, then a Spanish serenade by the albergue operator and a trip to the main Cathedral for a tour.

I will cover the tour of the Cathedral as a separate post, but will say that is was AMAZING!

After the tour we went to dinner at a restaurant recommended by the albergue operator. We ordered various entrees and ate tapas style. It was delicious and a good break from the common peregrino menu.

Finally for desert we went to a ice cream place next to our albergue called Su Cream to indulge in our sweet tooth. Predictibly, I got the Bomba De Chocolate but the other options look delicious as well.


And then it was bed time.

Expenses: 39.45 Euros
Breakfast: 3.50 Euros
Lunch: 4 Euros
Pharmacy Supplies: 9.35 Euro
Wine: 4.60 Euro
Tours: 3.50 Euro
Dinner: 11 Euro
Ice Cream: 3.50 Euro