Travel Date: Friday, May 2 2014

The breakfast was amazing. What a way to start the morning. My two walking buddies from the previous day Shayne and Janet left earlier. I knew they were serving eggs, bacon and ham for breakfast so I stayed and ate the breakfast buffet for 7 Euros.

I felt charged up with so much energy after a heavy breakfast that I stormed through the fields with a fast pace. But enough to also stop and appreciate the views.

Where Spanish hobbits stay! Just kidding. I think they store wine there.

In America, this could mean gang terrorities. In Spain, a sign of the Camino.

Soon after passing the shoes I ran into Janet and Shayne at a restaurant catching a break. I took a break too and noticed that I was wearing one of my socks backwards. This is what happens when you change in the dark.

Oh well… I’m not taking my shoes off, just to change a sock. Shayne darted off on his own. Janet and I decided to walk together the rest of the way and hope we end up meeting Shayne along the way.

We passed through Sahagun, grabbed a quick lunch, and then walked on. We noticed that we passed through the half way mark of the Camino and possibly Spain. So exciting to know that I’m half way from accomplishing a life goal.

Looking at the map, we have walked about 22.7 km and we want to go another 13.9 km which includes a 8.7 km stretch with no villages or towns in between.

We get to the tiny tiny town of Calzada de Coto, just before our big 8.7 km walk and decide to stop into a store and get something to snack on. And we got our lime and strawberry popsicles. It helped take away the sting of the afternoon heat.

And then our 8.7 km stretch began on the original Roman road Via Trajana.

Finally, we get to the tiny town of Calzadilla de los Hermanillos. The private albergue is filled, so we head over to the municipal one and they have only three beds left. Whew! We made it just in time.

After we check in, I shower, do laundry, and chat with the people around us. The albergue is infested with mostly Americans. For days I haven’t really met any Americans and today they show up in full force.

For dinner Janet and I wander down to a local restaurant and grab the peregrino meal and sit with the Americans and one Frenchman.

Good food for the 10 Euro price. Especially the lamb and rice pudding. The pasta was okay.

After dinner I immediately crash. Too tired to write a blog.

Learning Lessons:
The long walk the previous day prepared me for the extended 8.7 km journey today. I had no expectations on when it was going to end. Practice unattachment.

Expenses: 29 Euros
Breakfast: 7 Euros
Lunch: 6 Euros
Albergue: 4 Euro Donation
Dinner: 10 Euros + 2 Euro tip.