Travel Date: Saturday, May 3 2014

Janet and I got up early in the AM from the albergue and headed out the door at 6:30 AM. The breakfast we had was basically what we bought from the store the previous day and then we headed off to walk 31.8 km to Villarente.

However we knew the journey to Villarente would include a 16.9 km stretch without any towns or restrooms. So we were prepared with water, and food to sustain us through the early day and if there was a lot of sun. We were walking on the Calzada Romana which is the Old Roman road.

The views were almost barren and beautiful. As we approached out 16.9 km stretch Janet wanted to take a break. We had 7.6 km more to reach the next town, however there was a nearby town called Reliegos (population: 200 people) which was only 0.8 km off course. So we walked to it and looked for a restaurant to rest and eat.

Albergue Gil was a small restaurant. They didn’t have much food but the lady told us she would make us a Torrijas. It was awesome. It is like fried french toasts with lots of sugar and cinnamon. We enjoyed it so much we asked for another one. Unbelievably good. If you walking down the Old Roman road then you should definitely stop in town just for this!

We leave the town and get back on course and enjoy the landscape and the mountains.

Finally we get to Mansilla de las Mulas and decide to stop and get a beverage since we are getting close to our final destination Villarente.

We plough on and meet up with a new Italian friend Roberto who joins us on our Camino to Villarente.

We finally reach out Albergue San Pelayo. It looks hideous from the outside. But the guide book says it is amazing on the inside so take the leap of faith. And we are not disappointed. It is a great place to stay.

I shower, wash clothes and then notice that my blister is healing and then a surprise. The nail comes off with no pain. I am pink toe nailess. Pictures will be at the bottom of the blog. They are gross so you will get an option to skip them if you wish.

Finally I head in for dinner with Roberto and Janet and a bunch of other new friends. Dinner is simple but delicious. I really love the spagetti and of course the red wine.

And then we listen to some music from our French Canadian friend Marie and then its lights out, sleep and excited about reconnecting with all our friends in Leon tomorrow. It is going to be a short day.

Expenses: 26.50 Euro
Breakfast: 4 Euro
Beverages: 4.50 Euro
Albergue: 8 Euro
Dinner: 10 Euro

Now close the blog if you don’t want to see the pictures of my toe with and without the toe nail. Otherwise continue scrolling down.

Expenses: 26.50 Euro
Breakfast: 4 Euro
Beer: 4.50 Euro
Albergue: 8 Euro
Food: 10 Euro