Travel Date: Monday, May 5 2014

Couldn’t go to sleep at the Convent because almost everyone in my room was snoring at different intervals, and it was freaking hot. I actually got up in the AM after I had stripped down to my shorts only and sleeping on the top of my blanket, and opened a door which let the cool air in. Finally I can comfortably sleep.

After breakfast at the Convent, I left around 6:30 AM and had a good pace. Walked through some interesting sites and beautiful views.


I ran into Janet again on the walk and while we walked separately we kept pretty good pace with each other. I lost my guidebook for the Camino so I am a little lost but I should be good by looking through the signs.

Came into this town and noticed that they have tractor street parking. Sure wish they had that States side.

The sun was packing in some rays on my body. It was finally getting hot, and yes I was finally beginning to break a sweat. But the beauty in the fields, mountains and skies kept me going.

Finally I got to Hospital de Ortigo.

And checked into my albergue: San Miguel.

This is awesome: fill up your water bottle before you leave.

Usual pattern follows: shower, wash, massage feet, and relax and then dinner. Janet also checked into my albergue so we get a recommendation from the hospitalaro and head into town for dinner. We meet up with Franz (from Belgium) and Erin for dinner.

And then return back to our albergue for some much needed sleep and another big 30+ km day tomorrow.

Expenses: 29.10 Euros
Snacks: 2.50 Euros
Lunch: 5.50 Euros
Albergue: 7 Euros
Snacks: 2.10 Euros
Dinner: 12 Euros