Travel Date: Tuesday, May 6 2014

Started the day out getting up at the same time as Janet (Canada) so we left together, and started the early sunrise walk.

I stopped to get a breakfast and she carried on. As I was walking I came across the crosses of the fallen pilgrims – people who died on their pilgrimage to Santiago for various reasons. The tradition is that you pick up a stone and leave it near their cross.

As I walk closer to my destination I notice that we are getting closer and closer to the snow peaked mountains. The views of the snow peaks are gorgeous. I cannot take my eyes off of them. Pardon the many pictures.

Since it is also spring time, flowers are blooming. Finally I get to the  intermediatary stop Astorga and the view of Astorga and the surrounding cities from the top of the hill is wonderful.

And then there is this – welcoming me to Astorga.

Astorga has a flea market.

I continue on past Astorga, getting closer and closer to the snow peaks and enjoying the views and the wonderful weather. The sun is out but behind the clouds making it just perfect walking weather.

I run into Janet and Dominic (German) and we grab a refreshment break at a nearby town.

More crosses of the fallen.

Other views of the scenery and interesting sites.

We finally get into Rabanal and I see a friend Alan from Germany who is into Shaman stuff and want to pick his brain so I decide to stay here. After reading someone else’s guide it turns out I walked 38.5 km. Kind of bummed that I didn’t walk 1.5 km more to cross over to 40.

Meet some new people and run into Janet again.

Talk to Alan and Janet over dinner, and learn Spanish from the friendly bartender. Food is okay but service is great.

I decide to call it an early night since I am tried, so no blogging for tonight. This will have to wait another day.

Expenses: 23.20 Euro
Breakfast: 1.60 Euro
Snacks: 5.50 Euro
Coke: 1.50 Euro
Orange Juice: 1.60 Euro
Albergue: 5 Euro
Beverages: 6 Euro
Dinner: 9 Euro