Travel Date: Thursday, May 8 2014

Started walking early after sunrise. Walked through various small and big towns until I hit the vineyards. They were beautiful.

Also found out I have 220 km left to go to Santiago. Yaay!

I stop in Villafranca. My legs are tired because of walking on the asphalt. I hurts my ankles and the base of my feet. I hate walking on the asphalt. I find a restaurant, and get something to eat, take off my shoes and socks and catch a break.

I meet Sofie from Germany who is walking her first day on the Camino. I then run into Shayne from Australia who meets up with us. And we are chatting about whether we should stay in Villafranca, or walk more and if so, how far. We decide to go to Trabadelo via a big hill.

Sofie and I set out on the hill and Shayne catches up with us and overtakes us. The views as we walk up to the top and get to top are beautiful.

Shayne is a beast. He just takes off. Sofie and I follow the signs and actually go the wrong path – we followed the ‘Bar’ sign. I blame it on Sofie. After realizing that we aren’t in the right place, we turn back and find the correct way and are both ready to call it a day. We start to descend. The path isn’t well marked and we finally find what we need to and continue on walking, and then we see the town to the delight of our feet.

We check into an albergue and follow the usual routine: shower, change wash clothes, and grab a beer.

Our albergue is great but the hospitalaro sucks and the group of us decide to bounce and eat dinner at another restaurant.

That was an excellent idea. The food is delicious, and vegetarian. And it is probably the healthiest food I have had in the Camino. After dinner I head back to the room and catch some zzzs. Long uphill climb tomorrow that I am nervously excited about.

Unfortunately while there is wifi, my laptop cannot access it for some reason so I resort to surfing on my iPhone and typing my thoughts on to Notepad on my Windows Surface laptop before I can copy and paste to with pictures.

Expenses: 35.60 Euro
Breakfast: 2.60 Euro
Snacks: 10 Euro
Beer: 5 Euro
Albergue: 6 Euro
Dinner: 12 Euro