Travel Date: Friday, May 9 2014

I wake up around 6:30 AM and meet Shayne (Australia) and Sofie (Germany) at 7:30 AM for breakfast. An egg(s) and bacon breakfast sounds delicious to me.

Sofie heads out first, then I, and then Shayne.

We are literally walking by the Spanish Interstate. Scary and entertaining at the same time. After a 2 hour walk on the road/asphalt my feet begin to hurt. I take a break before the big climb.

After my break is done, I power up to the top. For the next 30 minutes I have a great stride and am passing people like a police car chasing OJ Simpson on the interstate. Finally I reach the first stop, catch a short break and move on. The views after the first stop are great.

And then we hit the marker that marks the entry point to Galicia.

And then continuing on I finally get to O’Cebreiro. And the view from the top is goregous. Just beautiful.

After a few minutes, Shayne, Sofie, Eduardo (Italy), Sara (Italy) meet up and we celebrate the walk together.

I am ready to walk some more but it would be awesome to watch the sunset here. So I decide to stay and check into the albergue.

Later in the day I run into Janet (Canada) and we all hang out.

For dinner I go to one of the local restaurants by myself and get invited to sit down with Mark. We have a deep conversation about spirituality. Feel really connected and on the same wavelength with Mark. It is moving to meet like minded people on the Camino.

Now time for the sunset with two new friends (from Iowa, USA and Ontario, Canada)

Expenses: 42 Euro
Breakfast: 9.50 Euro
Snacks: 6.50 Euro
Beer: 10 Euro
Albergue: 5 Euro
Dinner: 10 Euro