Travel Date: Saturday, May 10 2014

Woke up early just during the sunrise in O’Cebreiro and began walking.

Kept walking on for 18.6 km to Triacastela and finally got there. Grabbed lunch, and now the big debate is whether to walk to Sarria or Samos.

Some of my friends were heading to Samos and I really wanted to do one 40K walk and this was the perfect opportunity since the weather was really co-operating: not too sunny.
I left earlier but due to a misread sign went in wrong direction for just a little bit and then had to backtrack to the original sign and go in the other direction.
Kept walking alone and enjoying the countryside, sun, breeze and the weather in general.

And then I ran into Janet (Canada) and then later Roadrunner Eduardo (Italy). And we all walked together to Sarria.

Upon arriving in Sarria we started to look at the albergue choices and decide which one we were staying at. And then Janet noticed two of our friends sitting in the window looking in our direction at the same time we looked at theirs: Randy and Lauren (USA).

We quickly darted in their direction and caught up, and decided to stay in the same albergue as them.

But first thing I desperately needed to do before any hanging out and camaraderie is get a clean shave.

We met up for a few soft drinks in the cafeteria of the albergue and then when the munchies kicked in, we headed out to dinner around the town.

Ran into Mark (USA) who recommended a restaurant by the police station and we ended up there. It had a really interesting statue that was quite entertaining to look at.

We all had dinner and enjoyed the food (I loved the octopus) and catching up with each other. Sharing stories, our journey on the camino, raw and unfiltered emotions and truths – makes for such deep connections.

After dinner we head back to the albergue. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Expenses: 34.60 Euro
Breakfast: 6.50 Euro
Lunch: 5.50 Euro
Snacks: 1.60 Euro
Albergue: 9 Euro
Dinner: 12 Euro