Travel Date: Wednesday, May 14 2014

Last night I was miserable when I slept. It was freezing cold in my room. I was shivering. I woke up to go to the restroom around 6 AM and then I realized that the freaking window was open allowing the cold air in. Silly me! I was shivering all night and not even thinking to check if the window was open. I close the window, go back to bed and immediately feel a lot warmer.

Unfortunately I get up at 7:30 AM and am nursing a cold. I’m not tired but just sniffing A LOT.  I consume all the fruits I purchased the previous day and head on out and walk to the Cathedral. I find the continuation marker to Finisterre (or Fisterra in Latin) and follow it.

You may be wondering why am I continuing to walk after my Camino is technically over. Simple: I want to be able to say I walked from one end of Spain to the other. I started in France crossed over the Pyrenees into Spain and now will walk and put my feet in the Atlantic ocean and then my journey across Span will be done. 

Walking among the trees is a wonderful feeling. I feel so connected with nature. 

And yet again while walking … I run into my walking buddy Janet (Canada). It seems that even when we don’t plan to walk together, or don’t discuss what time we are leaving, we run into each other along the trail. Neither of us can believe it. I see her ahead and shout her name as she cuts a corner, and her response to the sound of my voice is ‘Really?’

We pass by some farmers ploughing their field the original way.

We stop by a town and grab some coffee and breakfast. Spanish coffee is delicious.

I run into Sergio and Ana from Burgos, Spain who kindly took my picture at the Cathedral and we share another group picture moment. It is wonderful how you meet random strangers, and then run into each more often on the Camino. They are cycling the Camino – yes there is a route for cyclists.

We continue walking and next door to the restaurant is a house whose perimeter walls are decorated with seashells of the Camino. Beautiful!

We walk through various places with differing views.

And even see interesting animals. Is that a black cat or brown cat?

Finally we get into town and check into a random albergue beside an interesting fountain. Go through the usual ritual, shower, wash clothes, and then head across the street to grab a bite to eat.

The restaurant we decide to eat at has its front door plastered with Michelin stickers so we assume it is good. And when our food comes out, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The most amazing cheesecake I have ever had. Seriously, if you every stop in Negreira, come to this restaurant and eat the cheesecake. Out of this world! 
We go to the Supermercado (supermarket), and I buy some fruits and stock up on lots of water. I’m feeling tired, cold, and sleepy – so I nap intermittenly through out the evening. While I am not feeling weak I am definitely feeling irritating with my stuffy nose and constant trips to the bathroom with all the water I have been drinking. One of my trips I caught Janet getting some Reiki work done on her for free courtesy of the wonderful hospitalara we have.

Later in the evening, I’m waiting for the bathroom to become available again and the new friends I have made earlier today and another past friend re-invite me to share in their dinner. They asked earlier but I don’t want to get them sick but I’m really really hungry and sick of eating fruits. But this time I accept.

Yes that is my giant bottle of water. I have already consumed 2 bottles. Janet was a sweetie and bought me a third one some the Supermercado.

Jessica (Australia), Sergio (Spain), Mercedes (Spain), and Anu (Finland) are a blessing in disguise. The food is just want I need to feel normal again. And the conversation and company is great. Yet another example of the Camino providing when you are in need.
As I type this, it is 1:30 AM. I cannot sleep so I’m making myself productive. But now time for bed since the wifi is slowing down.

Expenses: 20.93 Euro
Breakfast: 3.50 Euro
Dinner: 15 Euro
Groceries: 2.43 Euro
Second Dinner from my awesome friends: free