Travel Date: Thursday, May 15 2014

I sleep really really well and wake up around 7:30 AM. I’m feeling healthier. So I being the process of packing up my backpack and head out the door. The next few days are supposed to be beautiful so I’m excited about walking in the sun and getting back to feeling healthy.

I leave the town of Negreira and see some interesting structures and artwork.

It is always good to see this type of signs. Every pilgrim needs ample reassurance that they are on the correct path.

I walk with multiple people today: Anu (Finland) first and then Janet (Canada) and then Anu again. These are the views, towns, and things I see along the way.

I meet the horse ‘Blondie’.

And finally I get to my Albergue and check in. Janet and I check into the private one and the others check in into the municipal one a few meters down the street.

There is bar near our Albergue, and we meet up, drink and socialize. After all we did walk 30 km in the HOT Spanish sun – not hot by Dubai standards though.

And two Italians I meet (Andrea and Ulberto) teach Janet and Anu a card game with an unique deck of cards.

And then later more people join in and we all play a different card game with two unique decks and a lighter. Matching pairs or suits means you have to snag the lighter from the middle of the table. Loser gets all the cards from the person who got to the lighter first. Winner is first person to lose all their cards.

Some people (Jessica – Australia) prefer to make jewelry instead. 😛

We decide to eat a home cooked meal courtesy of Andrea’s cooking at the municipal albergue. The munipical albergue is made of stone and has a lovely old medieval look it to.

Italian chef Andrea works his magic in the kitchen with limited supplies from the supermarket and kitchen ware.

And the rest of us lie around, socialize and relax outside the albergue.

And then later dinner is served. Lots of hungry people around the table. It was later in the evening for the North Americans (me and Janet) and so we eat quickly and off to bed.

Next stop tomorrow: Finisterra and possibly the last day of walking the Camino.

Expenses: 33.70 Euros
Breakfast: 4.60 Euro
Aquarius Sodas: 6.30 Euros
Albergue (Private): 12 Euros
Drinks: 7.80 Euros (Beer for myself and others)
Ice cream: 2 Euros