Travel Date: Friday, May 16 2014

Woke up in the morning realizing that today is the last day. Feeling better and ready to walk. I jet out with no breakfast and warm up for about an hour, and then reach my optimal pace. The views are great.

As I’m walking I talk to a few people around me and that is when I first meet Luis (Madrid, Spain), who I will hang out with and connect with later in the day. He doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak much Spanish but through what little we know we exchange bits of conversation. We have seen each other the previous day on the Camino but this is the first day we talk as I catch up with him and then pass him up and then move ahead at the juncture point of Fisterra and Muxia.

I keep walking enjoying the scenery.

And then the walkers in front of me stop and see it for the first time in the distance. The Atlantic Ocean. The coast is near. The first sign of the big mighty blue water. Everyone is smiling and thrilled. We can hear the sound of the waves being carried by the wind to our ears but cannot see anything so we always have guessed it is close by or just ‘over that hill that we are walking’.

And finally a marker that lifts our spirits and brings my friend Jessica (Australia) to tears. Everyone gathers around to celebrate the moment and take pictures with each other. Some of us don’t know each other but it doesn’t matter. The shared journey and spirit is what connects us – not our names, ethnic origins or beliefs.

I walk a little further down hill and bask in the glory of the sun, ocean and the view. Incredible.

Luis catches up with Jessica and I and we walk together. And we all introduce ourselves. On a whim we decide to take a selfie. You can see Jessica walking by in the background.

We get to the bottom of the hill and now it time to walk through the towns that make up the shoreline for about 15 kms (3 hours).

It is NO time to turn back and head back to Santiago now.

Old Churches


Jessica splits off and is waiting for her group of friends. Luis and I continue on. And after some serious walking and the sun and heat kicking in we decide to take a break at a beach restuarant that looks very inviting.

We get sardine empanadas. Yum but it is pricey: 9 Euros.

We continue on after lunch and climb up more hills and walk and enter the outskirts of Fisterra.

A home decidated to the Camino along our path. Just interesting to highlight.

The views on top of the small elevated hills we climb.

And we finally see our final destination in the distance.

As we walk there and follow our guided path we come across a very small isolated beach and we decide that the universe has presented us an opportunity and we should enter the isolated beach and for me access the Atlantic Ocean water for the first time in Spain – and in some aspects complete my journey.

The video

Soon after a couple of other people see us having fun and join in on the action. My friend Anu (Finland) has been going and touching the water in all beaches she comes across. She is such a wonderful person and a free spirit.

We move on and slowly get to our individual private rooms at a pension for 20 Euros each. I decide to not stay at an albergue since I want to enjoy the city a little more and be out later in the evening and albergues usually have curfews. Plus I would like the peace and quiet since it is the official end of my adventure. I should thank my past roommate Jamie Marr for the idea. It was a great recommendation bro!

The pension owners drive us to Faro which is where the lighthouse is location. I am a little bummed that we are not walking it but at the same time I’m super glad. We see Mile marker 0.0 km of the Camino and other sites and grab a beer and celebrate the moment together.

Since we don’t speak the same language, my trusty Spanish phrase book and limited dictionary that I bought from Janet for 5 Euros is coming handy. Thanks Janet. Luis can also look up the English translation for Spanish words so we both find a way to bond and communicate.

We walk back from Faro back to our rooms, take some scenery pictures and grab another beer and walk down the street. The last time I did that was in Las Vegas.

We head back to the albergue, change into some swimming gear, meet up with some other friends and jump into the ocean.

Hanging out with Sergio from Madrid

The beach we are at.

Luis takes the plunge first

Then I follow right after.

We head back to the albergue change and then walk to the lighthouse of Fisterra (Faro de Fisterra) to watch the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean. The wind is blowing and the waves of the ocean demonstate their mighty power. We sit on the rocks and it is a such a powerful and moving experience.


And done.

One the end of the sunset, we walk back and see two snakes on the ground (perhaps getting it on). Must have been too much romance in the air after the sunset.

As we walk back, we hitch hike our way to a seafood restuarant and get some expensive but amazing fresh fish. Seriously delicious!

I love octopus.

And some Orujo is not bad too.

After the Orujo we call it a night, head back to the albergue and get some much needed and deserved rest.

Expenses: 69.50 Euro
Lunch: 9 Euro
Chocolate: 1.10 Euro
Pension: 20 Euro
Groceries: 2.50 Euro
Dinner: 36.90 Euro (yeah – expensive but delicious)