Travel Date: Monday, May 19 2014

I am awoken by the sound of Spanish speakers in the albergue at around 6 AM. They are obnoxiously loud and no one can sleep. I though the French pilgrims were rude, but these people are worse. Most of the people who have been loud in my experience on the Camino have been older people and I cannot wait for them to leave. I get up since I am anyways, change and start blogging.

I realize that my glasses are missing. They are likely in the hotel that I stayed at last night. One more thing to do before I catch my train at 9 AM. I head out at 8 AM and walk to the hotel and grab my glasses and head over to the station.

My first train is at 9 AM and goes to Madrid-Chamartin. I have to get a connecting train to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha and then get on another train from Atocha to Cordoba to see my friends from Roanoke, Virginia who have moved to Cordoba, Spain.
I get on the first train and take my seat. The train is actually quite full and the overhead bags are filled with backpacks from peregrinos. Apparently everyone is going to Madrid. I sit between to three Germans who are as obnoxious as the older Spanish peregrinos and are shouting to each other while I sit in between them and talking to me while I am trying to sleep. I decide to grab my ear phones, turn on my Macklemore music as loud as possible and zone them out. 
Nothing eventually happens after that. I pretty much sleep through the entire ride, catch the connecting train and eventually get to Cordoba at 5 PM ish. And then happily see faces that I recognize from the States. It is Kara and her daughter Maddie (Madeline)
Kara drives me around the city and shows me a few of the sites from the car and then we head over to their home. Kara’s husband is traveling for work to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her parents from Roanoke are in town and I meet them and her adorable son Ozzy (Oscar).
Their place is amazing. I am living in a HOTEL resort. And they have their pool.

And I have my own guest house. A little luxurious – I don’t deserve it but I’ll gladly take it.

Kara makes a lovely turkey taco dinner. I’m feeling at home already. After dinner the kids go to bed and we all sit down and watch the movie ‘The Way’. 
As we watch the movie, I begin reminiscing about the Camino and thinking about the friendships I have made and my journey through Spain. 
Ready to take on Cordoba tomorrow.