Travel Date: Tuesday, May 20 2014

Got up in the morning and made a real American breakfast (with eggs and bacon). I would have taken a picture but I gobbled it up before I could even get my camera. After breakfast we (Kara, I, her son Ozzy, her parents Wayne and Judy) went out to Cordoba for some site seeing activities.

First up was the park with the beautiful and peaceful fountain.

We walk around town and see the wonderful houses and wide and narrow streets designed with Moorish influence. 

Then we come across the old city ruins.

And the cats that guard the ruins.

We walk around some more and then sat down and enjoying lounging around in street of Cordoba. What is interesting is that traffic drives right by where you are eating. So sometimes when you turn around there is a car besides you passing you by with no separation of roadway and pedestrian street.

After a small snack we continued walking around the old city Mosque which then became a Cathedral.

We decided to come back another time to visit the inside of the Cathedral so we moved on towards the old Roman bridge.

The munchies began to kick in especially with Ozzy. We were debating between dining at a Spanish restaurant (which would take a long time) and the alternative (American fast food: Burger King) and we decided the Burger King would be quick and easy for many reasons. So sadly I have to admit we went to the Spanish version of Burger King.

The food was very American, and in the end Ozzy was extremely happy!

Burger King set in the food coma, and we went back home, took a nap, and then hung around the house until dinner time.