Travel Date: Wednesday, May 21 2014

My friend Stephanie Goodell has a few friends and family in Spain. She put me in touch with one of them Cris in Cordoba, so after trading a few fb messages we decided to meet in the morning at 11 AM at the beautiful fountain.

Cris and I walk over to her and her boyfriends residential area Calle Marroquies 6, known for its gorgeous patio. During May the entire set of apartments decorate/refresh the outside of their apartment areas with flowers and open it up to the public. Through out the year though they attempt to keep it pretty and blooming as much as weather allows.

We continue on and walk around town and need some coffee. Cris has been to the States before and misses the take away coffee that Starbucks and other coffee shops are famous for. Spanish culture is known for having coffee at the restaurants/coffee shops. American culture is known for take out. And no sooner as Cris says she has never had take-away coffee in Spain we find a coffee shop that offers it as an option. NEVER SAY NEVER.

I love walking through the streets of Cordoba. Narrow and wide, and sometimes plain and simple, and other times loud with a variety of colors.

We walk through the Plaza or Center where people usually congregate.

And through a fresh fish market. The Spanish love their fish in raw form and not sliced and diced like we are used to in American supermarkets.

She stops at a store that has handmade/woven baskets and furniture. There is no MADE IN CHINA labels on these baskets.

We head towards to the old Roman bridge, and I walk across it for the first time and enjoy the views from various angles from the bridge

We head on back to the original starting point and walk by some of the more modern plazas.

Apparently this clock chimes every hour with guitar notes instead of the loud dongs people are used to hearing.

We end up at some of the old ruins with a popular local restaurant beside it.

Cris asks if I have every tried snails, and I haven’t. So we decide I am going to dive into some escargot with a moorish sauce.

It was delicious.

I walk Cris back to her car and decide to explore a little of the city myself. I come across a wonderful pastry shop and who could resist deserts with coffee.

Moving onward, I come across some beautiful gardens, art work and seating areas.

Around 5 PM I meet with up with Kara and go back home. Kara’s husband Evan has arrive from a business trip to Saudi Arabia and later on that evening Chef Evan in working in the kitchen and we all enjoy a wonderful family meal.

After dinner and putting the kids to bed, Evan, Kara and I head out to downtown Cordoba to their favorite brewery Califa to try some Spanish microbrews instead of the usual watered down beer. Califa has some good stuff. We meet up with Cris and enjoy each other’s company.

Great company with old friends and new ones.

And Kara is too kind and buys me a souvenir to remember the occasion. Also thank you for the beers.

Cannot forget how close we were to cars, bikes and garbage trucks as we were drinking. Getting used it traffic proximity dining in Spain πŸ™‚

It was a fanastic day and evening. MUY BUENO!