Travel Date: Thursday, May 22 2014

Today was a more relaxed day.

We (Kara, her dad, her mom, Ozzy and I) did nothing really touristy. We went out to the local mall (el Corte Ingles) and HyperCor to buy stuff. One thing interesting I observed is that the Spanish definitely make use of their parking space, and this mall had a pedestrian designated lane beside the car lanes. LOVE IT!

The view from the outside elevator in the mall was brilliant. Personally, I would have run up the stairs but as you know I have to be really lazy now to compensate for all that walking during the Camino 😛

We all went back home, enjoyed left over food for lunch, got food coma, took a nap and then Kara and I went for round two of shopping.

Kara is such an awesome person and hostess I really had to share with her how SWEET she is. So we indulged in a little dessert after the second round of shopping at my new favorite pastry shop (La Camelia) in Cordoba.

Absolutely delicious. After dessert, Kara picked up Maddie and then we all went home and lounged about. Later that evening I dipped my feet in the pool and caught up with some blogging – before enjoying the last meal with the family.

I will miss Kara, Evan, Maddie, Ozzy, Wayne and Judy. Wonderful people. Kara and Evan were such great hostesses/hosts. I’m so glad I know them. Thank you Tammy for the intro – and the repeated couch sleep overs that made this connection possible.