Travel Date: Saturday, May 24 2014
Wake up in the morning, grab my coffee, and get my morning exercise with my play buddy Bolet.

Watch the video. I think he got more exercise than I.

Fernando and I head out to celebrate one of his friend’s birthday party at a restaurant: casa del llaurador

Of course wine at noon and my Spanish translation book are involved.

It turns out to be a big group and a lot of fun. I am learning Spanish through osmosis.

The food and drinks just keep flowing.

And his friends are great. Most of them do not speak English – just one or two do – but we find ways to communicate. The Spanish book helps.

This boy has game!

Carlos getting a birthday gift


On his phone again. Probably using the ‘WhatsApp’ App.

New born and their parents

After the party primer we head over to the beach for a heavy lunch.

Apparently since I’m the defacto photograher, I have a few fans who want me taking a picture in the act.

 Got to love it when the food starts rolling out.

And the company is great.

And so are the leg massages.

After lunch we head over back to the car, and the guys start showing off their new futbol shirts.

Now time for a siesta (a long nap) at home. After the long nap, I wake up to see a rainbow outside. Amazing. This promises to be a good evening.

Fernando, Maria, I and the other Maria head to a nearby town beside the beach for dinner.

And a little goofiness ensues.

Watch out… I’m drinking long island ice tea.

We head over to a local bar L’Anouer which is very odd and unique and get a couple of more drinks and have great conversations in a dimly lit area. Like I said, odd and unique.

The inseparable two.

Finally, after a long night out we head on home. It definitely was an amazing day.