Travel Date: Sunday, May 25 2014

Woke up in the morning and made some coffee. My friend Fernando has a similar device to the Keurig although the K-cups used for the Keurig are wider and flatter.

Fernando starting working on the Paella he was going to make us for lunch. I have eaten his food before so watching him cook was an eye opener and also entertaining.

After some prep work by him, we headed out to the beach. I love the beach and the clear water.

Fernando left a little earlier to get some more prep work done. I stayed in the sand and the water until the girls were ready to head back. The drive back was fun too.

Maria and I stick our hand out of the car and do the wave in the air.

And try to get it synchronized while the other Maria drives.
A video. Music by Mumford and Sons. ๐Ÿ™‚

The road ways and views of Benidorm.

When we get back home, Fernando is full steam ahead preparing the paella.


While Fernando paints his masterpiece, the Maria(s) and I watch some of the pictures I took, the videos of them singing along and the waves Maria and I attempted.

And before you know if, dinner is ready to be served. Appetizers are out and delivered with a beautiful smile.

Thanks for the help with this picture Maria. ๐Ÿ™‚


After dinner a nice Siesta (2 hour nap) is due after which we lounge about and eat left overs. But before dinner the girls manage to add a static cover/curtain to one of the glass doors.

It was quite entertaining to have four people participate in putting a static cover/curtain. Two to do the work (the Maria(s)) and the other two (Fernando and I) to spectate and shout directions of any air bubbles. Even Bolet (the dog) assisted in spectating.

After dinner we hung around until I had to leave for my early morning bus ride from Benidorm to Barcelona. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone. I felt I really connected with the Maria(s) over the such a short time, and got to bond even more with my Spanish brother Fernando.

So hard to leave. I miss them already as I write this post.