Travel Date: Tuesday, May 27 2014

So I booked my ticket to La Sagrada Familia the previous night. Got up early, finished some blog posts and jetted out the door and walked fast to make the line.

And then out of nowhere I see it. It is huge and odd looking. And I don’t like the cranes around it – but I guess they will be there until 2024 since they are still working on finishing Gaudi’s masterpiece.

I walk inside and see a small intro room to Gaudi and what influenced him. Click on the pictures to enlarge, read more, and learn about Gaudi’s influences.

After the primer, I walk into the actual cathedral and it is unbelievable. The level of detail is amazing.

The altar is right under the highest point of the basilica and brightly lit.

The four pillars that surround the altar of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The main two pillars.

The sides of the basilica beside the altar.

Panoramic vertical view: this was a little challenging picture to take.
The floor near the altar
The back view. The iPhone lighting failed me; it wasn’t dark.

Batman in the background.

Batman in the background. Or at least I think it is.

Closer back views

Model of the cathedral.
Views of the top of the cathedral
Stain glass windows to the sides

The anomaly. Not a black and white picture. Just a stainless glass window that is a work in progress.

Stairways to different levels.

 Behind the altar:

 The chapel underneath:

The organ behind the altar:

The doors near the elevators to access the spires.

Time to get on the elevators and go up the spires.

Out the doors.

And walking up the narrow spires.

The views from the tiny inlets along the spires overlooking the city of Barcelona growing in size. It is almost like a tease. 

A closer look at one of the large inlets. It is pretty scary. I am getting absolutely paranoid about dropping my iPhone.

And now time to begin the descent down.

And then I get my first open view of the city and take a few pictures.

Walking down the spiral is like walking up. Similar views with the small inlets, but more opportunities for views of the city and construction.

And then a wide open view of the city. It was amazing.

More views after a couple of stairs below.

And then finally the scary spiral staircase with only one railing on the outer wall for support. It got me worried especially when taking pictures. The inner wall does not exist.

Finally, I get down and walk out the doors and see the back end of the basilica. Just amazing.

I go into the museum beside the basilica to learn more about the construction of the basilica.


And finally in all its majesty.

Learn more by reading the wikipedia page: