Travel Date: Tuesday, May 27 2014

So I booked my ticket to La Sagrada Familia the previous night. Got up early, finished some blog posts and jetted out the door and walked fast to make the line.

As I was walking I enjoy the seeing the various kids parks around the city,

the various sculptures along the way,

and just the urban city streets.

After walking along the Camino and the many villages, the urban city just makes me very very happy.

And then out of nowhere I see it. It is huge and odd looking. And I don’t like the cranes around it – but I guess they will be there until 2024 since they are still working on finishing Gaudi’s masterpiece.

I go in and enjoy it completely. Probably one of the amazing architectural structures I have seen in my lifetime. Read more here.

I walked back to the hostel took a break, and then walk to the Catalyuna Plaza to meet up with my friends (Cinta and Jordi) from the Camino who are from the Barcelona area. And in the process I met up with another Camino friend David from South Korea who was on his way back home.

We are both in shock at the co-incidence, but he has to hurry at catch his flight back home.

Shortly after I meet Cinta first and it amazing to see her. The feeling of camaraderie from the Camino is not lost. She is bright, full of life and glowing. The after effects of the Camino in full force. We go to a local bar around the area for a beer.

And then Jordi walks by and we are all excited to see him.

One small and wonderful re-union.

We are hungry and Jordi recommends a wonderful restaurant to eat at so we head over. I tell him my story of getting Guiri screwed on a meal. And he knows just the place for a great meal in Barcelona.

So for lunch at 3 PM we head here: CentFocs.


And it was only for 10.95 Euros with wine & water, bread, two servings and desert. After lunch we said our ‘see you laters’ and I headed out back out to the dorm for a serious siesta (nap). On the way there I got a little lost but saw another party of the city I enjoyed and then found my walk back: One Hopeless Wanderer, right!!

After getting up I got really really lazy and just decided to lounge about the hostel and chill with the people around. Met up with Jez (England) and Trent (Australia) and then I ran into a group of Australians (Ashleigh from Orange, Rachel and Haydn from Wagga Wagga) and we all just hung around, talked, laughed and chilled out for the night.

Nicole and Ashleigh (front row) Trent, Haydn and I (back row).

Jez (England), Haydn, I and Nicole (from left to right).

Haydn, Nicle and Ashleigh introduced me to the video of Trent from Punchy which they kept teasing Trent about. I watched part of the video and it is hilarious.

Finally, during the day we discovered that Jez’s little sister: Nadia had her iPhone stolen in the hostel. So they informed the staff who checked the security tape but couldn’t find anything. Jez was pissed and Nadia was definitely concerned. Finally later that evening Jez told us he had found it under his sister’s pillow. Trent called it earlier in the day that it was probably misplaced and he was spot on. We had a good laugh about it, and Nadia was a good sport about it to pose with her iPhone.