Travel Date: Wednesday, May 28 2014
I decided the previous night that I was going to check out more Gaudi stuff and see the park he worked on Park Guell. So I went online and purchased a ticket.

Got up in the morning, and took my time. The weather was calling for rain but so far it was okay. I headed out and the dark clouds appeared to be in the distance so I had sometime to work with.

I went to the metro station for the first time, but couldn’t figure out where Park Guell was on the maps I had and also on the Metro Maps.

Finally I had to ask someone for help, and they couldnt figure it out either. That’s good – I don’t feel stupid anymore. Finally she dug out her phone with 3G service and pulled up a map and figured it out – and I took a picture of it, incase I had to refer back to it in the future.
This is where having internet service on my iPhone would be help. But I don’t want to get raped with international internet fees.
The metro is great. The wait time from a train is usually under 2 minutes.

I get off my stop, look at the picture of the map I took, but don’t need it since there are tourist signs everywhere for Park Guell – and lots of tourists. Just follow the crowd. 🙂

As I head over to the entrance I get a teaser of what is to come.

I get to the main line and there is another line to enter. It is for the people who scheduled to arrive at 1 PM. They DO NOT allow people to walk into the park until their scheduled time arrives. They are very strict – even to the exact minute.

After 1 PM the line begins to move. The check in attendant suggests that we visit the museum first which also has a 30 minute wait. The museum was very very boring. The structure of the building was interesting but that was about it. The basically had TVs everywhere to give us information about the park and other Gaudi stuff and I got tired of watching the videos.

After the museum I walked around and enjoyed the different architectures.

I walk past the stairs to the large pillars.


 And then past the pillars

And then I reach one of the exits, and I realize I am then walking against traffic and going in the wrong direction, so I go back and find the proper way. And in doing so I get to the top of the pillars.

And then I feel a trickle of rain beginning to build, so I decide to cut short the visit to the park. And for the most part I have covered all the attractions. I begin my descent down to the areas I haven’t covered.

And I also skip the gift shop.

And walk through the exit.

The park was magnificent, however after seeing the La Sagrada Familia the previous day my level of expectations are extremely high and I was not wow’d or moved by Park Guell. But I am still impressed.

After Park Guell, I headed back as quickly as I could because it was about to rain. I got back to the dorm and decided to take a long nap. After awaking I just hung out in the kitchen area and mingled with the other hostel guests.

One of the guys I met the day before is Gerson from Brazil. He randomly came up to me and told me that he was cooking some pasta and if I wanted to eat with him.

You don’t have to ask me twice. That is a no-brainer. Next thing I know I have a two cheese pasta plate in front of my face and it is yummy.

I meet Rachel from Canada and we all hang out with Trent (Australia), Robin (Australia), and Jez (England).

Later in the evening Trent and Jez go at it on a new air hockey miniature table. It was quite entertaining to watch. Not entertaining to worry about if the puck would hit our wine glasses though.