Travel Date: Thursday, May 29 2014

My friend Roberto from Roanoke, Virginia and my friend Cinta from Barcelona highly recommended that I see Camp Nou. Gerson (Brazil) who cooked dinner for me yesterday visited Camp Nou that day and said it was a wonderful experience. My two childhood friends from Dubai, Morton and Jerome also suggested it would be a good place to check out.

So I had to try it. After coffee with Hadyn and Rachel (Australia) I headed to Camp Nou via the train. I got off the train, and walked a few blocks and then saw the big stadium.

Entered via a side entrance, and saw the flags flying in the wind one after the other.

I would have seen this had I gone through the front entrance. Obviously this was taken a little later.

The view of the stadium and its facilities.

Walked to the empty ticket office a little worried and then realized I could buy my ticket through the kiosk.

I paid 5 Euros more for the audio guide because I wanted to hear and appreciate the club history. So 28 Euros later I’m about to experience Camp Nou!

Walking in and scanning my tickets.

Get to the stadium and experienced the museum. Spent about 2 hours reading everything and listening to the audio guide.

Some really really really OLD trophies.

Back to the history lesson.

Messi Obsessions:

More trophies:

 Art and paintings:

Im ready to see the field for the first time.

Just amazing!

Taking staged/fake photos.

More stuff inside the stadium.

Locker room:

Time to walk to the field.

Getting closer.

And I am now there.

Time to walk up to the press box

And now to walk back down AGAIN.

Oh no, it looks like I’m leaving.

I wait in the photo line but after hearing one staged picture is 30 Euros, I quickly decide to leave and move on.

The last thing you see before the tour is completed. 😦

Maybe I will become a Barcelona Futbol Club fan after this experience. Time will tell.

Thank you Roberto, Cinta and Gerson for the heavy recommendation. It was definitely worth the money for the experience.