Travel Date: Thursday, May 29 2014

I got up in the morning and took my time waking up. It was drizzling early in the morning so going anywhere touristy was pointless. However after I awoke the rain subsided and the clouds would clear by 4 PM so I decided that I would first visit Camp Nou – the Barcelona Futbol Club stadium and then head over to Tibidabo (which is on the top of a hill) to see the entire city of Barcelona.

After breakfast I walked around Barcelona with my friends Haydn and Rachel (Australia) since it was their last day in Barcelona. We went to a nice coffee shop and enjoyed some coffee and conversation together.

After coffee I headed alone to the Barcelona Football Club to get the full Camp Nou experience.

Along the way I noticed the parking situation in Barcelona and thought it was interesting. Motorcycles and bicycles parked on the sidewalk beside cars parked beside the curb.

Small things like this amuse me.

After Camp Nou I looked at the time and realize it was close past 4 PM so I definitely wanted to get to Tibidabo and see the entire city of Barcelona from a distance. My experience at Tibidabo was awesome. Such a beautiful view.

I headed back to the hostel and met up with my hostel friends. Gerson from Brazil who cooked dinner for us the previous night wanted to cook for a three cheese pasta so I definitely didn’t want to skip out on that. Once he worked his magic in the kitchen we (Jez from England, another person from London and I) all enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

We hung around for a bit and then were joined later by Ollie and his friend (both from London).

We all decided to hit the bars together. It was my last night out and Jez, Gerson and I definitely wanted to hang out for a bit. Trent (from Australia) knows the bar scene in Barcelona a little better than all of us so he lead the way and took us to an old Irish pub.

After a few drinks I run into three law schoolers from Miami. Crazy how I get away from Lexington, but cannot seem to shake of being surrounded by lawyers or aspiring ones. They are everywhere 😛

Shaun and Katie from Miami Law are extremely friendly and we have a wonderful conversation.

Later, I introduce them to my group of friends and we all hang out for a bit.

Later that night I end up meeting one of Shaun’s friends Ricardo also from Miami Law.

Ricardo and I hang out for a bit and go around to check out some other venues with a group of his friends.

Finally, my age catches up with me and I call it a night, and head back to the hostel. And I enjoy walking the night city lights of Barcelona.